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iLove Irish January 2023 -Reuben Hester talks about his new track and shows off his dog

As you well know, his debut single got 13 million impacts on Irish radio, a Shazam Top 40 and over 70,000 YouTube views. I thought – as did everyone – that that was his story.

But nobody knew this next part – that in a frantic half hour after the funeral he had sat at the piano, and wrote and recorded A Piece of Me.

No-one was ever supposed to hear it; it was just for his Dad. And it was supposed to be the last song he’d ever write.

Alone in his bedroom, he did it in one take. For closure. That’s the same beautifully imperfect vocal you’ll hear. We didn’t want to touch it because it was just so real. Instead, we put a huge production behind it.

It’s only now that Reuben has reached a place where he’s happy for the world to hear it…